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Calverton, Milton Keynes, UK

The village of Calverton (with a total population of about 150) consists of Lower, Middle and Upper Weald and is situated near Stony Stratford, to the West of Milton Keynes in the county of Buckinghamshire, England (about 80Km/50miles north of London).

The west side of nearby Stony Stratford was once included with the parish of Calverton, though an Act of Parliament in the 18th century separated them.
Calverton, New York, USA

A hamlet located in eastern Long Island between the towns of Manorville and Riverhead in Suffolk County.
Calverton, Maryland, USA

An unincorporated area located on the boundary between Montgomery and Prince George's counties in the United States of America.
- A famous person called Calverton -

Victor Francis Calverton (1900-1940)

"Victor Francis Calverton" was the pseudonym of the American literary critic George Goetz.
He was greatly influenced by Charles Darwin and Karl Marx.

His works include:
Sex Expression in Literature (1926), For Revolution (1932),
The Liberation of American Literature (1932) and The Awakening of America (1939)